Information about Another's Treasure


What is Another's Treasure

Another's treasure is a Marketplace where you can sell and buy used modest clothing.

The story behind

I grew up with a belief that buying second hand clothing was cool. My friends and I would search local thrift shops and trendy vintage shops in Copenhagen and mix and match unique items and save money at the same time. Later in life learned about a totally different and negative belief regarding secondhand shopping.

And why would this be a problem?

To dress modest has become both cool and mainstream and the days with no options are (thank God!) over. However, the shift towards mass production of clothing is resulting in pollution, more waste and other negative environmental impacts.

Even though the market is now filled with modest clothing the view on buying secondhand has only changed very little. To be frank: it's a taboo in many cultures to buy secondhand. We all have a story or experience to prove it.

With Another's Treasure I go against this view and have developed a marketplace and platform where you can sell and buy used Modest clothing. What can be one woman's trash, can be Another's Treasure.

What is the aim of the project?

  • Break down taboos and share knowledge on conscious consumerism: Buy less, choose well, support quality.
  • Promote an easy option for consumers of modest clothing to choose at least one sustainable and budget friendly way to dress in good quality.

How will this support small entrepreneurs and quality brands?

With an outlet where you can sell purchased items you are more likely to invest in quality. Buy less, but quality. Searching through the marketplace you will discover and try out new brands and items and invest in future quality purchases instead of buying cheap, low quality items.

The world is suffering due to fast trends, fast fashion and increased consumerism. Lets change that direction!

Hope to see you around!


Katja Kathrine Larsen

Founder and CEO, Another's Treasure